Clair Parker

Beneficiary Recruitment and Engagement Officer, based at Northumberland CVA

What’s your role in a nutshell? My role is to promote Bridge and engage with organisations signposting clients for a referral, I’m often the first point of contact for potential beneficiaries to have a friendly chat with and to kick-start their journey with Bridge.

Do you have a secret talent for anything? I’m a member of the ‘Can’t Sing Choir’, but as I can’t sing that’s not much of a talent!

What’s the best part of your job? I adore the people I work with and I have made some great friends in the team. The most rewarding thing about the job is all the different people I meet and hearing about their progress and successes despite the many challenges they have faced in their lives.

What do your colleagues say is your best quality? I asked, they said humour, warmth and empathy -how nice!

What’s your favourite food?  Anything someone else has made for me!

What do you like doing in your spare time? Many things that I haven’t been able to do over the last few months – cinema and going for meals with friends  -but I also love walking and watching films so I’ve enjoyed those more during lockdown.